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As a sports fan, you always love to know more live news about your favorite sports and games. For that, you now need the most trusted place from where you will be able to the most authentic and updated news of the sport. So, now you are in the right place and will get the most updated sports news in just a few minutes. was founded in 2000 by Tohidul Islam himself is fond of sports and founded this platform to reach out the most authentic and updated sports news to the people of the world who are fond of various types of sports and games. So, this is definitely a great initiative for you while you have a strong fascination with sports and games with the live more information about your favorite player, team, and country.

As a fan of sports and games, you have an excellent opportunity to know more news and updates on these and you will watch live sports streaming & get the latest sports scores. Watch live cricket, football, tennis, WWE, NFL, Rugby, Boxing, Golf, Ironman, Handball, Volleyball, & other sports matches. You will get all the most updated and informative news at a time within a few clicks.

Every day, thousands of tournaments of cricket, football, tennis, handball, and golf so on are being organized in different parts of the world but you don’t know all the updates on those sports and games because it is definitely a tremendous work that will make you feel more boring. On the other hand, you would be able to know the latest and live sports streaming and scores from here without any trouble.

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Life is like soccer, we need GOALS.


As a fan of sports and games, you like most to get the most updated news about your favorite player, team, or club. You will get all of your updates now and then.


Sports and Games are the most important parts of our daily life because they can make us happy and refreshed. So, keep yourself with us and stay with amusement.


“Enjoy Your Favorite Sports and Games with Us.” We are committed to informing the latest sports update and news you like to know. Keep with us.

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All Out, All Game, All Season.

Sports and Games are one of the best sources of refreshing our mind and body. For that, there is no one who does not love to play in the world at this modern time. Like thousands of people around the world, you must have a great wish to enjoy various types of sports and games like Chess, Basketball, Football, Floorball, Volleyball, Martial art, Table tennis, Athletics, Crossfit Circle Training, Rowing, and so on.

All these types of sports and games always bring excitement and enjoyment to you. As a good fan of sports and games, we are committed to informing you, that the live scores and event will be presented to you so that you can enjoy this with you and your friends.
The founder of this institute is a fan of sports and games. He always loves to enjoy all types of sports and games from the core of his heart. From his childhood, he had a great fascination with playing sports and games. That means he has a lot of experience in the pros and cons of these fields.

He and friend circles have arranged a number of sports events all around the year on several occasions and trained a number of young boys and girls so that they can play nationally and internationally for the purpose of bringing the best awards for his locality and country.
During covid19, the founder decided to create such a platform that will be helpful for all those who have a great love for sports and games.

Finally, he launched this site to present all the news and updates about sports and games.
That means you are now on such a platform where you will get all the live news and updates on local and international events at a glance. Let’s pass a good time with your favorite sports and games now and then.

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