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Cricket its History, Formats, and Popularity in the World

Cricket its History, Formats, and Popularity in the World

There is none in the world who does not love cricket at this present time. People from all walks of life now like cricket very much worldwide. Now, (Cricket History and Popularity) it is found that people of all ages are fond of this game and at the same time, the number of cricket lovers is increasing day by day. When you are fond of this game and you would like to know a lot of this games for the purpose of increasing your knowledge about this game, this is the right place because you will be able to know a lot of things about your games here with the best live score you like most.

What is Cricket?

Sometimes, you may have this question about this game in your mind and a number of junior fans of this game can have a fascination to know a lot of things for the purpose of enhancing more knowledge of it. The thirst for this knowledge of these popular sports will be fulfilled through this article.

Cricket its History, Formats, and Popularity
Cricket its History, Formats, and Popularity

Cricket is a type of game that is designed with a bat and ball playing between two teams that are consisted of eleven players on a field in the center of the field where a pitch is made of a 22 yard with a wicket at the end point of the pitch that creates a balance comprising two bail balance on the three stumps.

Who invented cricket?

Most people who love cricket very much always have a fascination with the origination of this game because it helps to be confident while they try to share various types of segments of this game with others they like to discuss it.

Though there are many opinions about the innovation of cricket, most people now believe it has an actual history fo the beginning of this game. Now it has been proved with the consensus by the many experts that cricket was invented at the time of Saxon or the Norman times with the hand of children living in the area of the Weald that is full of density woodlands and clearings in Southeast England.

Cricket its History, Formats, and Popularity
Cricket its History, Formats, and Popularity

When did cricket start in history?
There is no exact date of the invention of the game of cricket. There are a number references of to the invention of the game but all of them are not exactly right. Most researchers have reported that cricket started as early as the 13 century as a game. The country boys of the Weald stated the games at a stump of the hurdle gate in a sheep pen.

Why is it called cricket?
There are a lot of references about the selection of the name of the game of cricket. The name of the game that has come to light is spelled cricket. The name may have been derived from the Middle Dutch krick(-e), meaning a stick; the Old English cricc or cryce meaning a crutch or staff, or the French word criquet meaning a wooden post.

Who is the father of cricket?

William Gilbert Grace MRCS LRCP is called the father of the game of cricket. He was an English amateur cricketer who was famous all over the world because has done a lot of initiatives for the development of modern cricket that has made cricket the most popular cricket all over the world.

At the same, the world has experienced its best performance of his and he is considered one of the greatest players. The life span of this heroic person was 18 July 1848 – 23 October 1915. He had contributed much to the making of the structure of modern cricket in the present world.

When was the first cricket match played?
When you are a great font of cricket, you have a lot of the history of cricket so that you can know a lot of information about your favorite game. As a spectator, you have watched various types of cricket matches among a number of teams all over the world.

Now a question can be raised in your mind about the first cricket match and the detailed information about that. Like you, there are a lot of people all over the world who want to know about the first cricket match.

There is a long history of the first cricket match. It has been recorded by the rechargers about the history of cricket in the world and all of them finalized there of neons that an England touring team in Australia played to matches against full Australia XLs. This match is considered the first match of cricket in the history of the world games and sports.

Who started Cricket in India first?

All of us already know that India has gay a lot of reputation for various kinds of cricket not only in their own history but also in their world Cricket history and Popularity.

Cricket fans all over the world always like to watch various types of cricket matches that are popular all over the world because of their performance and victory.

As a cricket lover of India, you may have a great fascination with the history of cricket in India. Indian cricket has a glorious history in the subcontinent and the world.

The most interesting history of Indian cricket is that the journey of Indian cricket did not begin at the hand of Indian sports lovers. Cricket India was introduced to India by British sailors in 18 century. Later, the British sailors established the first ticket club in 1792.

As a result, the popularity of cricket was spread out to both India and all over the world within a short time. Now Indian cricket has become one of the most popular countries of cricket all over the world.

What are the formats of Cricket?

When you are a new fan of cricket at the teenage age, you have a lot of fascination with the format formats of cricket because cricket has now some forms that are being played mainly by various types of rules and regulations. So you can and your fascination with cricket by knowing the format of cricket you like most.

The Three types of formats of cricket are Test Matches, One-day internationals, and t20 internationals. All of the formats are very popular all over the world two people who have a great fascination with cricket and its formats.

Most people all over the world love cricket and the most interesting fact are there all of them always like all three formats of cricket. People can watch their matches of them all around the year because the cricket club of every country arranges their tournament all around the year.

What is ICC Cricket?

You may have heard about ICC Cricket if you are a fan of cricket. You know there is an international organization to make the rules and regulations of maintaining a good bonding among the countries all over the world.

ICC stands for International Cricket Council. It is the world governing organization of cricket. It has all the legal authority and rules to control the cricket of the world. It was founded as the Imperial Cricket Conference in 1909 by representatives from Australia, England, and South Africa. After, the organization is renamed as International Cricket Council in 1965 and became popular all over the work as the second name.

What are the functions of ICC Cricket?

You have already known that it is the organization that is considered the governing body of world cricket. Currently, it has a total of 108 members worldwide. Only the country can be its members and all of them are bounded to obey all the rules and regulations. That means it has a lot of administrative powers. It also runs all the events like staging all of the ICC Events.

What is the Cricket World Cup?

As a fan of cricket, you have a great passion for the Cricket World Cup because it is the most exciting sport in the world. Most people who like cricket are always waiting for this event because it comes to hold after 4 years.

The Cricket World Cup is a type of international championship that is designed and played based on the formate One Day International cricket. This event is arranged by the International Cricket Event. It is held every four years. The teams of the country are leading to the final tournament with preliminary qualification round after round.

Here are mentioned below the name of the winners of the Cricket World Cup. Have a look at a glance-

As a fan of cricket, you have already learned a lot of historical knowledge of cricket. All of us know that cricket is getting popular all over the world because of its great features that you will not find in other sports and games. Stay tuned to us for the next update on cricket you like most.


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