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Australia vs Denmark World Cup 2022

About the match

The Australia vs Denmark match preview is about the two countries’ World Cup outlooks.

Australia and Denmark are strong teams, but they’re in different places than the last World Cup. Australia is coming off a strong performance in the Asian Cup, while Denmark is looking to build on their solid performance at UEFA Euro 2020. They have to be careful not to let their foot off the gas after such great recent performances—or else they’ll be left behind by their competitors. Let’s take a closer look at each team before they face off on June 22:

Australia has been on top of its game lately. It finished second at the Asian Cup earlier this year, losing only one match out of five throughout the tournament. The Aussies also won four matches out of five during qualification for Qatar 2022, though they did suffer a loss against Saudi Arabia that might come back to haunt them if those two teams meet again later this summer (which is certainly possible).

Denmark had a decent showing at Euro 2020; it beat Serbia 2-0 in its opening match but lost its next two games before bouncing back with three straight wins over Hungary, Austria, and Portugal to make it into a knockout stage play, where it was eliminated by Germany 2-1 on

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Event details:

NAME: Australia vs Denmark

DATE: 30 Nov 2022

TIME: 15:00 UTC

VENUE: Education City Stadium, Al Rayyan, Qatar