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Brighton & Hove Albion vs Southampton

The rivalry between Southampton vs Brighton & Hove Albion will be renewed on 20 May 2023 when the two teams meet at St. Mary’s Stadium in Southampton, England. This will be the first match between the two teams since their last meeting in 2019. Both teams have had successful seasons and will be looking to make a statement when they meet. This match is sure to be an exciting affair with both teams eager to come out on top. The outcome of this match could have a big impact on the standings in the league.
Southampton and Brighton & Hove Albion are two of the most historic teams in England’s top flight of football. The rivalry between these two teams stretches back to the very beginning of their respective careers.

Brighton & Hove Albion vs Southampton
Brighton & Hove Albion vs Southampton

The first match between the two teams took place in 1898, with the Saints claiming a 1-0 victory. Since then, the sides have gone on to have a tumultuous history, with plenty of highs and lows over the years.
Southampton has enjoyed some success in recent years, as they have finished in the top half of the table in five out of the last six seasons. This has seen them compete in European competitions, including the Europa League in 2020/21.
Meanwhile, Brighton & Hove Albion has also been enjoying a successful run in recent years, with a promotion to the Premier League in 2017 and subsequent mid-table finishes.
The two clubs will be meeting for the first time in over 20 years when they face each other at St Mary’s Stadium on 20 May 2023. It promises to be an exciting encounter, with both sides looking to make an impression on their rivals and gain bragging rights.
NAME: Brighton & Hove Albion vs Southampton
DATE: 20 May 2023
TIME: 14:00 UTC
VENUE: at American Express Community’s Stadium stadium, Falmer city, England.