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Bristol Bears vs Newcastle Falcons

About the match

Newcastle Falcons Travel to Bristol to Take on the Bears
On Saturday, February 3rd, the Newcastle Falcons travel to Bristol to take on the Bristol Bears in their second home game of the season. This marks their first time back at Ashton Gate since last year’s Aviva Premiership semi-final loss to Saracens, and they’ll be keen to make up for that this time around. The Falcons are currently sitting in second place in the Premiership table after two consecutive wins in round 1, while Bristol has bounced back from their season-opening loss with two consecutive wins as well.
Bristol is a city that thrives off of its rugby culture and this game was no exception. The atmosphere at Ashton Gate was electric as the supporters cheered on their team. Newcastle started out strong, scoring three early tries but were then slowed down by Bristol’s defense. It wasn’t until the second half that Newcastle was able to break through and score two more tries but it wasn’t enough to win them the game.

The Newcastle Falcons traveled up to Bristol this week in an attempt to take down the Bristols Bears at their home ground. This will be a tough task for the Falcons, as they have not been doing very well in recent weeks. However, this is a chance for them to make up some ground with a solid win against their opponents. They are coming into this game with a lot of drive and determination, so I am sure they will put up a good fight.

Bristol Bears vs Newcastle Falcons
Bristol Bears vs Newcastle Falcons

The home of Bristol Rugby Club, Ashton Gate has been sold out for this game, with a capacity crowd of 30,600 all set to cheer on the local team. As well as being a sell-out match in terms of attendance, it’s also a sell-out in terms of tickets too – with just over 10% remaining. There are three different types of tickets available: Bronze (first tier), Silver (second tier), and Gold (third tier). Tickets start at £20 if purchased in advance or £24 if purchased on the day itself.

Event details:
NAME: Bristol Bears vs Newcastle Falcons
DATE: February 3, 2023.
TIME:14:00 UTC
VENUE: Ashton Gate stadium, Bristol City, England.