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Everton vs Manchester City

Premier League Fixtures: Everton vs Manchester City, Everton vs Manchester City will battle it out at Goodison Park stadium in Liverpool city, England, starting at 14:00 UTC. Both teams have a rich history of success in the Premier League, and fans are sure to be in for an entertaining match. As both sides are eager to take the three points and gain an advantage in the title race, the stakes are high for this upcoming clash.


Everton vs Manchester City
Everton vs Manchester City

When Everton face off against Manchester City in the Premier League on May 13th, 2023, there’s sure to be an electric atmosphere at Goodison Park in Liverpool.

On the other hand, Manchester City is one of the strongest clubs in Europe and has been consistently performing at the top of the Premier League for many years. With star players like Kevin De Bruyne, Raheem Sterling, and Sergio Aguero leading the attack, they have the potential to be unstoppable.

Both teams have a lot to play for and it should be an exciting match. The atmosphere at Goodison Park will be electrifying and both sets of fans will be out in full force. There could be some great goals, intense moments, and plenty of drama – it’s sure to be a thrilling game!

The Merseyside club is currently managed by Carlo Ancelotti and captained by Seamus Coleman. They are known for their attacking style of play, which has produced a number of legendary players over the years, including Alan Ball, Graeme Sharp, Neville Southall, and more recently, Romelu Lukaku.

The current squad includes some of the world’s best players like Kevin De Bruyne, David Silva, Sergio Agüero, and many more. The team is managed by Pep Guardiola who is known for his tactical brilliance and revolutionary style of play. Under Guardiola’s guidance, the team has achieved great success in the Premier League, Champions League, and other competitions.

NAME: Everton vs Manchester City
DATE: 13 May 2023
TIME: 14:00 UTC
VENUE: at Goodison Park stadium, Liverpool city, England.