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Hämeenlinnan Lentopallokerho vs LP-Vampula

About the match

On February 1, 2023 at 4:30:00 PM UTC, Hämeenlinnan Lentopallokerho vs  LP-Vampula in the Hämeenlinna Arena in Hämeenlinna, Finland. The score was 30-27. Vampula won the match. Every player on both teams performed to their usual standards and teamwork was good overall from both sides as well.

Hämeenlinnan Lentopallokerho vs LP-Vampula
Hämeenlinnan Lentopallokerho vs LP-Vampula

The Hämeenlinnan Lentopallokerho and the LP-Vampula are two Finnish professional volleyball teams. They are playing against each other in the Kajaani Cup Quarterfinal on February 1, 2023, at 4:30:00 PM UTC. The match will be broadcasted live on Finnish Television (YLE), and can also be watched online here.
The first two sets of the match were close, with a tie in the first and the second set going to Hämeenlinnan Lentopallokerho. The third set was much more competitive, with both teams being tied at 11 until Lp-vampula managed to pull ahead and win 14 – 17. The fourth set was also close, but Hämeenlinnan Lentopallokerho pulled ahead and won 15 – 11. In the fifth and final set of the game, Lp-vampula managed to come back from an early lead by winning 13 – 15 until they eventually lost 19 – 22.
The first set was a back-and-forth battle that ended with the ball going out of bounds. The second set saw two great spikes from both teams, but nothing that could be converted into points for either side.
The game ended in a tie. Hämeenlinnan Lentopallokerho was able to get two points while LP-Vampula only got one point. One of the Hämeenlinnan Lentopallokerho members, Mikko Konttinen, said I think we played better as a team today and that really showed. For me personally, it feels like we’re getting closer. Meanwhile, Toni Kauhanen from LP-Vampula said We had so many opportunities but didn’t take them so it’s hard to say what went wrong. What’s next for these teams? Tune into Hämeenlinnan Lentopallokerho vs LP-Vöyrin Loisto on Saturday, Feb 16 at 1:00 PM UTC.

Event details:
NAME:Hämeenlinnan Lentopallokerho vs LP-Vampula
DATE: February 1, 2023.
TIME:4:30:00 PM UTC
VENUE: Hameenkaari sports hall.