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Kunlun Red Star vs Ak Bars Kazan Live

The Battle of China, in the KHL, has been going on since the league’s inception, but this year it’s more important than ever before, with Ak Bars Kazan winning their first-ever Gagarin Cup last season and now defending their title against the team that has dominated the KHL in recent years, Kunlun Red Star.
Kunlun has been on a hot streak, winning all three games this season so far. You can bet their players will be amped up to face Ak Bars, who have only managed one win so far.

Kunlun Red Star vs Ak Bars Kazan
Kunlun Red Star vs Ak Bars Kazan

Ak Bars have also been struggling offensively, scoring only four goals in three games. Kunlun’s defense is not as good as it was last year, which could mean trouble for the Russians if they can’t score goals of their own.

In the past six years, Kunlun has won all six matches against Ak Bars (including four wins in a row), though those were before Ak Bars had its new roster.

Both teams are from Russia, but Kunlun is based in Beijing and Ak Bars are based in Mytishchi.
For the first time since 2006, both teams did not make it to the playoffs of their respective leagues: the KHL and VHL.

The battle between two hockey teams, Kunlun Red Star and Ak Bars Kazan will be held this February 5th at the Mytishchi Arena in Russia. Kunlun Red Star is the most decorated team in all of the KHL and has won four Gagarin Cup Championships, the most recent being last year. On the other hand, Ak Bars Kazan is a powerhouse in its own right with eight championship titles to its name.
NAME:Kunlun Red Star vs Ak Bars Kazan

DATE: Feb 5, 2023
TIME: 5:00:00 PM UTC
VENUE: Mytishchi Arena