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New York Knicks vs Los Angeles Clippers

New York Knicks vs Los Angeles Clippers: Who Will Win?
The New York Knicks have been one of the more surprising teams in the NBA this season, but they’re hoping to keep that run going when they face off against the Los Angeles Clippers at Madison Square Garden. It was just two months ago that the Knicks were losing games left and right, but now they’ve won seven of their last 10, making them one of only two teams in the Eastern Conference with at least 12 wins (the Toronto Raptors are also sitting on 12 victories). If they hope to keep up their winning ways against the Clippers, here are three things that they need to do.

New York Knicks vs Los Angeles Clippers
New York Knicks vs Los Angeles Clippers

and Los Angeles Clippers dates back to 1978 when Bill Walton was playing for the Boston Celtics. Walton was traded to the LA Lakers in 1979, but he still held a grudge against his former teammates. In a game against the Knicks, Walton gave Rick Barry (then on the Knicks) an elbow to the face that broke his nose, ending Barry’s season. The next day, Dave DeBusschere (also then with New York) punched Walton in response. This led to a bench-clearing brawl and tensions escalated from there. The rivalry has been dominated by LA until recently with the recent dominance of both teams by New Yorkers Carmelo Anthony and Kristaps Porzingis respectively.

The New York Knicks are coming into this matchup on a three-game winning streak, while the Clippers have won four of their last five games. This game has the potential to be a close one because both teams have been playing well. The major difference between these two teams is that the New York Knicks are better on defense and will likely not let the Clippers score easily. But in this day and age, it’s hard to trust a team that has just started to win again.

NAME: New York Knicks vs Los Angeles Clippers
DATE:5 Feb 2023
TIME:12:00:00 AM UTC.
VENUE: Madison Square Garden