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The Buffalo Marathon

You will be surprised to hear that the Buffalo Marathon is considered the most popular and highest Boston Marathon qualifier in North America. While you are thinking to have experience of participating in the best marathon event in the Nothern American areas, it is a good opportunity for you and other fellows

The Buffalo Marathon
The Buffalo Marathon

Buffalo Marathon Route has been considered the fast and scenic route for the purpose of marathon race that you like most. All the racers will be able to have a chance to enjoy the views of Lake Erie, LaSalle Park, and many other Buffalo highlights. This is a great marathon even that you like most.


Event details:
NAME: Cleveland Marathon
Number of Places: 1500
DATE: May 28, 2023
Start Time : 6:30 a.m.
Further Information
* Cut-off Time : Runners will be expected to finish within 6 hours.

More Info

Buffalo Marathon Entry
* Entry Fee : $105 (until Sep 29), $110 (until Oct 30), $115 (until Nov 29), $120 (until Jan 1), $125 (until Feb 1), $130 (until Feb 27), $135 (until Mar 30), $140 (until May 27)
* Registration Deadline: May 27

Cleveland Marathon
Cleveland Marathon