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VfB Stuttgart vs Werder Bremen

5 Reasons to Watch VfB Stuttgart vs Werder Bremen on 5 February 2023
Clashes between Bundesliga rivals VfB Stuttgart and Werder Bremen are always must-watch encounters and the match on 5 February 2023 will be no different, with both clubs knowing that all three points could go a long way toward their final league positions at the end of the season. Read on to find out why you should be watching this weekend’s action!

It’s a historic rivalry between two teams that are just three miles apart but have never played one another in the Bundesliga. The first meeting between the two clubs was in 1978 when they met in the German Cup. It resulted in a 1-1 draw and was followed by an intensely contested rematch that ended up being a 2-2 draw.

VfB Stuttgart vs Werder Bremen
VfB Stuttgart vs Werder Bremen

Both sides will be vying for a win to give their team some breathing room near the bottom of the standings. Werder Bremen is currently 16th and just three points clear of relegation, while VfB Stuttgart is 17th and six points from safety. A victory for either team could be enough to avoid relegation this season.

The rivalry between VfB Stuttgart and Werder Bremen is one of the most intense in the Bundesliga. Even if you don’t understand German, you will be able to feel the intensity just by watching the match. It is an emotional rollercoaster with a lot of passion, drama, and even a little bit of hatred. There are many reasons why people enjoy watching this rivalry unfold, whether it’s as a fan or a spectators.
VfB Stuttgart is in good form and has won 2 of their last 3 matches, with their only loss coming against Bayern Munich.

The German Bundesliga match between VfB Stuttgart and Werder Bremen will be played at the Mercedes-Benz Arena in Berlin, Germany.
The first time the two teams will meet in the Bundesliga this season.
NAME:VfB Stuttgart vs Werder Bremen
DATE: Feb 5, 2023.
TIME:14:30 UTC
VENUE: Mercedes Benz Arena