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Everything You Need to Know About the Rules of Hockey

In hockey, the rules serve to prevent injuries, maintain fair play and promote physical activity. The rules of hockey are laid out in the International Ice Hockey Federation (IIHF) rulebook, which is broken down into six parts and updated every four years in conjunction with the Winter Olympics. Here’s everything you need to know about the rules of hockey.


The game of hockey is played with a team of six skaters and one goalie on an ice surface that measures 200 feet by 85 feet (about 62 meters by 26 meters). A hockey rink has a central red goal line, two blue lines, and two faceoff circles: a home plate in front of each team’s bench. The goal line is marked by a red or orange line across it at the outer edge.
The teams take turns using their sticks to shoot or bat a vulcanized rubber disk (the puck) into their opponent’s goal net.

the Rules of Hockey
the Rules of Hockey


The Puck

A hockey puck is 3 inches in diameter and made of vulcanized rubber. Its flat-faced shape helps it fly straight and bounce off the ice, but unlike an American football, which is a prolate spheroid with 12 rounded corners, it has eight corners that are square or round. This helps it move quickly and smoothly over ice without skidding too much. The puck’s black color is not derived from carbon or graphite but from a dye called lacquer.


Boundaries of Play

The hockey rink is divided into three zones. The neutral zone, which is located in front of both teams’ goals, has no player. The attacking zone, which is located near one team’s goal, consists of an attacking team and a defending team. The defending zone, which is located near the other team’s goal, also has two teams. Players can only go into the other team’s zone if they are on offense or if they are on defense and a puck has been passed over that line. It doesn’t matter what position you play on the ice because all players have to be inside their own zone at all times during play!



The National Hockey League has a rulebook that governs all aspects of the game. The rules are enforced by on-ice officials and linesmen, as well as off-ice officials who monitor games from video replay in an off-ice location. There are two main types of penalties called Minor Penalties and Major Penalties, which come with different punishments. Major penalties can lead to ejection from a game or even suspension, while Minor penalties only come with a two-minute penalty.

the Rules of Hockey
the Rules of Hockey



-Each team has six players on the ice at one time. -The game is divided into three 20-minute periods, and each period is followed by a change in which the team defends their end first. -A goal is scored when a player shoots the puck into an unguarded goal past the goalie from within their own defensive zone or shoots it from outside of either blue line and it crosses all red lines before entering the goal.
-The hockey rink is known as an ice hockey arena, which has a center line that divides it in half for two teams, who defend opposite sides. The lines are called blue lines because they used to be painted blue during games but now they are just painted white so they don’t get dirty as easily.



Hockey is a sport where two teams compete against each other by trying to push a puck into their opponent’s goal. It is played on an ice surface, with skates and sticks. It has been around since the 1800s. Here are some important things you need to know about this popular game!
1) The goalie is the only player that can use his hands or any parts of his body, besides his feet, in order to block shots from getting past him and into the net.
2) Players cannot play the puck with their hands if it is above them – they have to wait until it comes down below them before they can touch it again with their stick.



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