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how to play handball Guide For Beginners

Handball is played in over 90 countries and has been an Olympic sport since 1936. If you’re new to the game of handball, there are some things you should know before you get out on the court and start playing. Keep reading to learn how to play handball. You’ll discover all the basic rules of the game and everything else you need to know about handball strategy and technique as well as how to practice and improve your skills on the court.

how to play handball
how to play handball


Rules Of The Game

Handball is a sport in which two teams of seven players each pass or throw balls down a court and attempt to score by driving an oval-shaped ball through the opponent’s goal. The team with ball possession is called the attacking side, while the one without the ball is called defending side. It’s important that you understand the basic rules of any game before you start playing it. Today I will tell you everything about how to play handball.


How To Throw A Handball

Now that you know how to position your feet and body, it’s time to learn how to throw a ball. First, let me quickly address a common misconception about handball. People often think that you throw with your arms when, in fact, you should focus on getting leg power into your throws. Start by slowly moving into position and lowering yourself until you are in a squatting position (similar to what you would do while waiting at traffic lights). Next, spring upwards and immediately release your hands forward before landing back down on your feet. It is important that you practice all of these movements slowly at first before putting them together with force – handball is not meant for rushing!


Handball Skills & Drills

Handball is a sport played on racquetball courts, or sometimes on modified tennis courts. It is a fast-paced, action-packed game that can be enjoyed by players of all ages and levels of athletic ability. In order to learn how to play handball, start with these basic skills and drills. If you’re just beginning to get into playing handball, a few skill drills will help build your foundation as well as teach you what it takes to be a better player in no time at all.


History of Handball?

handball originates from a sport called goal ball which began in Sweden in 1920, at a rehab center. Around 1950, Swedish gym teacher George Nitti organized team handball tournaments, where players could use their hands instead of their feet. The sport is now played throughout Europe and North America. In some areas of Canada and France, men’s handball is also known as Gentlemen’s Soccer or Soccer Sans Frontieres. Women’s Handball: Although not as well-known as men’s handball worldwide, women’s handball teams thrive on every continent except Australia and Antarctica.


Gear, Shoes, and Protective Equipment

A handball game is played with a ball that is similar to a basketball and netting that’s about 7 feet wide by 15 feet high. Each side has seven players—six on the court at a time and one substitute—and you can play in singles, doubles, or as part of a mixed pair. You can only touch or pass with your hand; any other parts of your body will result in an illegal action. To score, you must hit the ball against both walls of the net, but it doesn’t have to rebound off them both before it hits someone; when thrown back into play, however, it must be hit against at least one wall first.


First Time on a Court

If you’ve never played before, start with an open gym session. An open gym is basically free to play in a league environment—anyone can come in and shoot hoops with like-minded people. Check with your local handball club or YMCA for available sessions. If there isn’t one nearby, contact your local recreation department and see if they know of any gyms that offer them.


How to Play it Safely

There are two types of safety gear for handball: eyewear and protection for your body. Each type of safety gear has its own purpose, so be sure to wear it properly or you may end up putting yourself at risk of injury. Eyewear protects your eyes from flying balls while providing coverage if something hits you in your face.



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