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SWOL baseball: SouthWest OHIO LEAGUE

SWOL baseball, or “southwest Ohio league” is a unique type of baseball that’s gaining in popularity. Unlike traditional baseball, which is played on a diamond with diamond-shaped bases, SWOL is played on a rectangular field with rounded bases. The unique playing style has drawn fans from all over the country and even the world, and it’s easy to see why. The game is fast-paced and full of action, making it an excellent way to get your blood pumping. If you’re looking for a new sport to get into this summer, consider signing up for a game of SWOL.

SWOL baseball: What is it?

SWOL baseball is a unique form of the sport that is played in southwest Ohio. It is often compared to mini-baseball, and combines elements of both. Players use a smaller ball and shorter bats, making the game faster than traditional baseball.

The Southwest Ohio League was founded in 2006, and currently has 10 teams playing a 60-game season. The champion team is awarded the “Battle of Oaks” trophy. SWOL baseball is growing in popularity across the United States, with leagues starting up in places like Michigan, Illinois, and Texas.

swol baseball
swol baseball


The Southwest Ohio League (SWOL) is a summer baseball league that features teams from the Cincinnati and Dayton areas. The league began play in 2014 and has 12 teams participating. The season runs from late May to early August.

There are three divisions in SWOL: the A division, which features the top teams; the B division, which features the middle-of-the-road teams; and the C division, which features the lesser teams.

Games are played on Sunday afternoons at various locations around the region. The champions of each division move on to compete in a post-season tournament.

Fans of SWOL baseball should keep an eye on the standings throughout the season, as there are always close competitions between teams. If you’re looking for a fun summer experience with some great competition, then check out SWOL baseball!

Why SWOL Baseball?

SWOL baseball is a game that originated in Southwest Ohio, and it’s quickly gaining popularity nationwide. SWOL baseball is played with 10 players on each team, and the game is divided into two innings. The object of the game is to hit a ball into the other team’s half of the field, and the first team to score six points wins the game.

Unlike traditional baseball, which is played indoors on a hard surface, SWOL baseball is played outdoors on fields that are typically covered in soft grass or turf. This makes the game much more challenging, as balls can often bounce unpredictably off of surfaces. Additionally, SWOL baseball tends to be faster-paced than traditional baseball, which makes for an exciting experience for spectators.

SWOL baseball has gained a large following due to its unique gameplay and atmosphere. Fans of the sport enjoy watching teams battle it out in an action-packed environment while enjoying some good old-fashioned American catchball. If you’re looking for something new and exciting to enjoy this summer season, check out some Southwestern Ohio League games!

Teams in the SWOL League

The Southwest Ohio League is made up of teams from the Cincinnati and Dayton areas. The SWOL commissioner is Matt Whitaker, who has been involved in baseball for over 25 years. The SWOL league operates as a non-profit organization and all of the teams are operated by volunteers.

There are eight teams in the SWOL league: the Bengals, Crusaders, Express, Fever, Flames, Gobblers, Javelinas and Lizards. Each team plays 36 games during the season which runs from mid-June to late August. All of the games are played at various locations in either Cincinnati or Dayton.

The schedule can be difficult to follow because there are so many cross-over games between teams. For example, one game may involve the Express playing against the Fever and then later that same night the Gobblers playing against the Bengals. To make things even more complicated, some contests are doubleheaders with start times that vary depending on when opposing teams finish their previous games.

Despite all of these challenges, fans seem to enjoy watching baseball in Southwest Ohio. In 2016, attendance was down slightly from 2015 but this could be due to scheduling changes made by the SWOL commissioner rather than any decrease in interest among fans. Regardless of whether or not attendance is up or down annually, it’s clear that there is a lot of love for baseball in this part of Ohio.

How to play SWOL baseball

SWOL baseball is a unique and fast-paced game that can be enjoyed by all. The Southwest Ohio League (SWOL) is a regional league that consists of teams from Cincinnati, Dayton, Columbus, and Northern Kentucky.

To play SWOL baseball, you will need a ball and some cones. The ball should be slightly bigger than a softball but not too big or difficult to catch. You will also need bases: three small squares of wood or plastic set about 10 feet apart. A player starts at one base and tries to hit the other players’ balls into the bases. When a player hits a ball into another player’s base, that player is out and the player who hit the ball gets to go to the next base. The first team to get all its players into their bases wins the game.

There are many ways to play SWOL baseball; for example, you can have a series of innings with each team batting once or playing as an all-out run game where whoever scores first wins the game. There are variations for every skill level so no matter what your experience level is, there’s probably a game style that will work well for you. So come out and join in on some fun Southwest Ohio League baseball!

Rules of SWOL Baseball

The Southwest Ohio League Baseball Rules are designed to be fair and competitive.

1) The home team is the first to bat.
2) The batting order is determined by the number of runners on base at the start of the inning, with no player allowed to bat more than twice in an inning.
3) A runner is allowed to advance one base when put on base by a hit, an error, or a fielder’s choice. A runner can only advance if he has not already advanced once that inning.
4) When two or more runners are on base at the same time, the next runner will be chosen according to the following order: runner at first and second, runner at third and fourth, then runner at home. If there is still a tie after this order, then the pitcher will be chosen according to who was last in the batting order before the tie arose.
5) The ball must be thrown from behind home plate unless it is necessary for whatever reason to throw it from in front of home plate (i.e., an infielder makes an out). If it is necessary to throw from in front of home plate, then either first base or second base may be used as a “base” and all subsequent throws must originate from that spot.
6) Players must take their turns batting and fielding as they come up through the lineup; there are no “infielders”.


The SWOL Baseball League

The Southwest Ohio League (SWOL) is a 13-team baseball league in northwest Ohio. The SWOL was founded in 2001. The league’s teams are located in Ada, Athens, Bellefontaine, Brecksville, Canton, Cleveland, Elyria, Gambier, Greenville, Jackson Township and Marblehead.

The SWOL’s season runs from May to September. The regular season consists of 16 games each team playing the other three times. The top four teams at the end of the regular season advance to the playoffs. In the playoffs, each team plays a single-elimination tournament. The winners of the playoffs compete in a championship series to determine the SWOL champion.

Each year since 2013, the SWOL has hosted an All-Star Game. Participants for this game are voted on by fans. Past participants have included players from all 14 teams in the SWOL.

The Playoffs

The Southwest Ohio League playoffs are officially underway and the action has been hot! The league champion, Mt. Carmel, defeated the runner-up, Hilliard Bradley in a thrilling five game series to earn their spot in the regional tournament. There have also been some great matchups in the other Divisional and Conference tournaments.

In Division 1, the defending champion Toledo Walleye (who clinched their spot in the playoffs early) blasted out Canton Hoover 13-1. In Division 2, Proctorville topped Solon 10-5 to advance to the regional tournament. Finally, in Division 3, Alliance beat Westerville Central 7-4 to clinch their spot. All of these games were close throughout and it will be exciting to see who makes it all the way to the regional tournament and then on to State!

swol baseball bat rules

Southwest Ohio League Baseball is a semi-professional baseball league that operates in the geographic area of Southwest Ohio. The SWOL baseball bats rules are as follows:

1. Bats must be at least 29 inches long.
2. Bats must have a diameter of 2 3/8 inches (64 mm).
3. Bats must have a weight of at least 34 ounces (1,032 g).
4. Barrels can be made from aluminum, composite materials or wood and must be rigid Construction with a minimum thickness of .625 inch (15 mm).
5. Bat accessory items including weights, straps and extensions are not allowed.

swol baseball pitching rules

The Southwest Ohio League (SWOL) is a semi-professional baseball league in southwestern Ohio. The SWOL is made up of teams from the counties of Clark, Floyd, Franklin, Harrison, Jackson, Jefferson, Knox, Lucas and Woodford.

SWOL baseball rules differ slightly from the National Association Baseball Rules of 1876. Some key differences are as follows:

1) The pitcher’s foot must be on the ground before throwing a pitch.
2) No runner may advance more than three steps on a base before being put out.
3) A runner may be put out by tagging him with the ball while he is running or touching him with any part of his body other than his hands or feet.
4) A ball can only be batted by the batter in front of him and no other player on that half of the diamond.
5) If the batter hits a ball that is caught by an infielder and then thrown to first base, first baseman shall attempt to throw to secondbase (the catcher attempting to throw to thirdbase). If second baseman attempts to throw to secondbase and the catcher throws to thirdbase instead, then first baseman shall return the ball to secondbase and allow play at firstbase; otherwise play proceeds as if no such catch had been made.

SWOL Baseball age chart

The Southwest Ohio League (SWOL) is a collegiate summer baseball league composed of teams from the Cincinnati, Columbus, and Dayton areas. The SWOL was founded in 2003 and currently has 10 teams.

The SWOL has two divisions: the Northern Division (Columbus, Cincinnati, Dayton) and the Southern Division (Geneva, Middletown, Newark). The Northern Division features mostly college programs while the Southern Division features a mix of colleges and high schools.

Each team plays 25 games in a regular season. The top four teams in each division play in a playoffs to determine the SWOL champions. Each playoff round is a best-of-three series.

To qualify for the playoffs, a team must finish with at least .500 record in their division. In addition, they must have earned at least six wins in their 25 games played in the regular season.

There are several reasons why players choose to play swol baseball. Some players enjoy playing against higher level competition and some players simply want to get out there and play some ball again after not getting much opportunity during the school year. Regardless of why players choose to play swol baseball, it’s clear that this league is having an impact on player development across the region.


Swol Baseball Tryouts

The Southwest Ohio League is a baseball league based in the Cincinnati area. They are currently in their fifth season and have ten teams. This year, they are looking for new players to join their league.

To try out for the league, you will need to attend a tryout on Saturday, July 29th from 9 a.m.-Noon at Paul Brown Stadium in Cincinnati. There are only ten spots open so this is your chance to show off your skills and potentially join the SWOL Baseball League for 2017!

If you are interested in trying out, please email with your name and age as well as any information you think we would need to know about you such as experience playing baseball or any video of your playing (if available).

How to Register

If you are interested in registering for the Southwest Ohio League (SWOL), please click here. Registration will open on March 1st and close on April 30th. You must be a resident of Allen, Carroll, Defiance, Henry, Knox, Miami, or Wood counties to participate in SWOL. There is no cost to register and play in SWOL. The season runs from May through September and there are approximately 32 games scheduled per season. For more information or to register, please visit the SWOL website at or contact Dave Hood at 937-539-3128 or


There’s no doubt that SWOL baseball is a tough sport to play. If you’re looking for an adrenaline-pumping, physically and mentally challenging experience, then look no further than the Southwest Ohio League. These teams are made up of the best athletes in their region and will test your skills to the limit. Make sure to sign up for a game today and see for yourself just how intense this sport can be!


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