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Canterbury Magicians vs Otago Sparks

Looking to catch the Canterbury Magicians in action? Make sure you head down to Hagley Oval Christchurch on February 3, 2023, at 9:00:00 PM UTC to catch this thrilling fixture as the Canterbury Magicians take on the Otago Sparks! The Canterbury Magicians are currently 6th in the NZ ITM Women’s Championship. Having won 2 out of their last 5 fixtures, they look good heading into this match-up! Can they continue their impressive form and come out on top?

Canterbury Magicians are set to take on Otago Sparks on the evening of Feb 3, 2023. The match is scheduled at Hagley Oval Christchurch, New Zealand, and is slated to begin at 9:00 pm UTC. This will be a thrilling match between two teams that are fighting for their playoff lives. Can the Canterbury Magicians pull off an upset against a team with more experience? Will they be able to put together one last run to reach playoffs this season? Tune in to find out!

Canterbury Magicians vs Otago Sparks
Canterbury Magicians vs Otago Sparks

Hagley Oval is a cricket ground in Christchurch, New Zealand. It has been the home of Canterbury Cricket since 1880, though it has hosted some rugby matches in recent years. The current capacity is 18,000 spectators. Hagley Oval was named after Charles Hagley and opened on December 4th, 1880 with a match between an England XI and a team from Hawke’s Bay

Hagley Oval is a cricket ground and club, located on the corner of Fitzgerald Avenue and Moorhouse Avenue in Christchurch. It is one of New Zealand’s premier cricket grounds, with a capacity of 20,000 people. This year it will host two Twenty20 Internationals against Sri Lanka. Hagley Oval has hosted international cricket since 1931 when it was used for New Zealand’s first-ever Test match against England.

The Canterbury Magicians take on the Otago Sparks at Hagley Oval, Christchurch, New Zealand this Saturday night. The last time these two teams faced off was February 3rd of this year. We’ll see how they match up this time around!
Tickets start at $30 and can be purchased here
NAME: Canterbury Magicians vs Otago Sparks
DATE: Feb 3, 2023.
TIME:9:00:00 PM UTC.
VENUE: Hagley Oval, Christchurch, New Zealand.