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Lakkapaa vs Savo Volley

About the match
The Battle of the Volleyball Titans: Team Lakkapaa vs Savo Volley
It’s the battle of the volleyball titans! Team Lakkapaa, the defending national champion, will be facing off against Savo Volley, which has won every championship in the league since it began in 2003! These two teams have always been some of the best in the country, but now they face off against each other to determine who’s truly the best team in Finland. The match starts at on Feb 1, 2023 at 4:30:00 PM UTC. 7 PM on Friday evening and will be played at Kauppatori (Market Square) in Espoo. The match will be broadcast live by national television station Nelonen so everyone can watch it!

Lakkapaa vs Savo Volley
Lakkapaa vs Savo Volley

LakkaPaa is a team that consists of all girls. They are a part of the Finnish National Junior and Senior teams, as well as Finnish National Youth teams. The members have competed at national and international competitions in Europe, Asia and America.

Savo is a high-performance volleyball club from Helsinki, Finland. The club has won 7 Finnish championships and 2 European Championships in its history. In 2015 they became the first team in Finland to win both men’s and women’s Finnish championship titles in one year.

This year, we witnessed one of the most heated volleyball matches in recent memory. The score at this point was 25-25, and it was anyone’s game to win. However, it seemed that Team Lakkapaa had an ace up their sleeve. They took a deep breath and looked each other in the eyes before diving back into battle. With a flurry of accurate spikes and well-timed blocks, they managed to take home the victory with a final score of 27-25!

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Event details:
NAME:Lakkapaa vs Savo Volley
DATE:on Feb 1, 2023.
TIME:at 4:30:00 PM UTC.