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New York Knicks vs Philadelphia 76ers

The match-up that everyone’s been waiting for is here, as the New York Knicks vs Philadelphia 76ers on February 5th to face the Knicks at Madison Square Garden in what’s sure to be an exciting game of basketball! Who do you think will win? Make your prediction and share your thoughts with us in the comments below!

New York Knicks vs Philadelphia 76ers
New York Knicks vs Philadelphia 76ers

The New York Knicks are coming off their first win of the season and will be looking to build on that momentum against the struggling 76ers. While the Sixers have been playing better as of late, they still can’t seem to find a way to close out games. The Knicks are going to need another great game from Tim Hardaway Jr if they want to get past Philadelphia’s elite defense. It’s tough to know who will win this one, but I’m expecting it will come down to the wire.

The New York Knicks are an Eastern Conference team, and the Philadelphia 76ers are a Western Conference team. These two teams have clashed many times in the past with the Knicks winning more often than not. However, this time around, I think the Sixers will win. The Sixers beat the Knicks last time they played on November 11, 2017, when Joel Embiid had 22 points and 13 rebounds to lead Philly to victory. Embiid is healthy now and I think he will be able to dominate again while Porzingis is out of commission for at least three months recovering from injury. Plus, Sixers rookie Ben Simmons has been tearing it up lately and should be able to control the pace of play against a young Phil Jackson-led squad.
The game starts off with a few missed shots and the first timeout of the game. The score is 10-4 for the Sixers at this point. The Knicks get a 3-pointer from Tim Hardaway Jr. and then, later on, another 3-pointer from Damyean Dotson to tie up the game at 13-13.

NAME: New York Knicks vs Philadelphia 76ers
DATE: Feb 5, 2023
TIME: 11:00:00 PM UTC.