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Discover the Insider Tips of Evan Fraser Tennis

We often dream about mastering tennis, an elegant and challenging sport, but many of us need help knowing how or where to start. This blog post is here to help you navigate this path by providing a step-by-step tutorial based on the tips and techniques recommended by the highly respected tennis coach Evan Fraser.


Tennis is a sport. It demands both physical and mental strength. It requires agility, endurance, quick decision-making, and strategic planning. Despite these challenges, it’s a highly enjoyable game that can be learned and played at any age. To enhance your skills in the sport, we’ll delve into the world of Evan Fraser tennis, filled with insider tips and expert guidance.

evan fraser tennis
evan fraser tennis

Who is Evan Fraser?

Evan Fraser is a renowned tennis coach known for his innovative teaching methods and deep understanding of the game. With years of experience under his belt, he has helped countless beginners transform into competent players and even guided seasoned players to reach new heights in their tennis careers. His unique approach to tennis instruction combines traditional methods with modern techniques, ensuring a comprehensive learning experience for his students.

Why should you follow Evan Fraser tennis tips?

Fraser’s tips are grounded in tried and tested methods drawn from his extensive experience as both a player and coach. He emphasizes technical skills and the strategic and mental aspects of the game. His tips are designed to instill a deep understanding of tennis and empower players to adapt to any game situation confidently. Following his advice will provide a solid foundation for your tennis journey, whether you’re picking up a racket for the first time or seeking to improve your game.

Getting Started with Evan Fraser Tennis

Let’s delve into the detailed steps recommended by Evan Fraser to kickstart your tennis journey. These steps are designed to help you learn and master various aspects of the game, starting from a proper warm-up routine to mastering techniques and strategies.

evan fraser tennis
Closeup high angle view of two male tennis player.

Step 1: Warm Up Properly

Fraser emphasizes the importance of a proper warm-up before jumping into any tennis session. Warming up prepares your body for the game of tennis and reduces the risk of injuries.


Start your warm-up with some light stretching exercises. This helps increase flexibility, improve range of motion, and prepare your muscles. Focus on the hamstrings, quads, forearms, and shoulders.

Cardiovascular exercises

After stretching, Fraser recommends engaging in some cardiovascular exercises to elevate your heart rate and get your blood pumping. This could be anything from jogging on the spot to a brisk walk around the tennis court.

Footwork drills

The third part of a comprehensive warm-up is footwork drills. Having quick and agile footwork is crucial in tennis as it allows you to move efficiently around the court. Try doing ladder drills or side-to-side shuffles to improve your footwork.

Step 2: Master the Basic Techniques

Once warmed up, it’s time to dive into the core techniques of tennis. According to Fraser, having a solid grasp of these basics is key to becoming a strong player.

Grip and hand position

The way you hold your racket plays a significant role in controlling the ball’s direction and speed. Fraser suggests practicing different grips, such as the Eastern, Western, and Continental, to see which one suits your playing style best.

Stance and footwork

The correct stance positions your body optimally for a good shot. Practice both open and closed perspectives and pay attention to your footwork. Remember, good footwork is essential for maintaining balance and preparing for the next image.

Swing technique

Fraser encourages students to focus on their swing technique. A smooth, fluid swing can greatly enhance your shots’ power and accuracy. Practice both forehand and backhand swings regularly to develop consistency.

evan fraser tennis
A close up image of a professional female tennis player.

Step 3: Improve Your Serve

The serve is one of the most important shots in tennis. A powerful and accurate serve can give you an edge over your opponent right from the start of the game. Fraser has several tips to improve your service.

Proper grip and toss

The grip for serving should be comfortable yet firm. The Continental grip is widely used for serves. As for the toss, it should be neither too high nor too low. Practice tossing the ball at just the right height for your swing.

Power and accuracy

Generating power in your serve comes from a combination of arm speed, leg drive, and body rotation. But power without accuracy is of little use. Aim for a balance of both in your serves.

Different types of serves

Evan Fraser encourages players to learn and practice different types of serves, like flat serves, slice serves, and kick serves. Having a variety of serves at your disposal can make you unpredictable and difficult for opponents to read.

Step 4: Enhance Your Strategy

There needs to be more than technical skills to excel in tennis. It would help if you complement them with smart strategies. Fraser’s tips can guide you in developing effective game plans.

Understanding court positioning

Knowing where to position yourself on the court is crucial. By understanding court positioning, you can control the game better, force your opponent to make mistakes and conserve your energy.

Developing shot selection

Choosing the right shot at the right time can drastically improve your game. Fraser advises players to develop a wide range of images and understand when to use each one effectively.

Anticipating your opponent’s moves

Being able to anticipate your opponent’s moves can give you a significant advantage. This requires keen observation and understanding of your opponent’s playing style and patterns.

evan fraser tennis
Happy fit people playing tennis together.

Step 5: Practice and Consistency

The final step in mastering tennis is consistent practice. Like any other sport, regular practice is the key to improvement in tennis.

Drills and exercises

Fraser recommends various drills and exercises specific to improving your strokes, footwork, serves, and volleys. These drills aid in enhancing your overall tennis skills.

Regular practice schedule

Having a regular practice schedule helps maintain consistency and aids in steady improvement. Whether it’s daily, every other day, or even once a week, find a routine that works for you and stick with it.

Mental preparation

Tennis is a mental game, and it is a physical one, too. Mental toughness can often be the deciding factor in close matches. Fraser encourages players to work on their mental strength, focusing on areas like concentration, resilience, and positive thinking.


Mastering tennis is a journey, one that requires patience, dedication, and the right guidance. The tips and techniques shared by Evan Fraser provide a comprehensive path for anyone looking to improve their tennis skills. From warming up correctly and mastering basic techniques to developing smart strategies and maintaining a consistent practice schedule, following these steps will set you on the right course toward becoming an accomplished tennis player.

Remember, the goal is not just to become better at hitting the ball over the net but to understand and appreciate the beauty of the game. As Evan Fraser often says, “Tennis is more than just a sport; it’s a way of life.” So, grab your racket, step onto the court, and embark on your unique tennis journey.


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